Our approach

The Foundation recognizes that each of the above is a mammoth task in itself, requiring huge amount of resources, expertise and consensus across many stakeholders. In such endeavours, failure or not reaching the end-goal is an acceptable risk. But not trying at all is not acceptable. Trying to address those issues is in itself a goal and an achievement and sets a change in motion within the nation.

The Foundation shall work to achieve this by being a catalyst working with central to local governments, pollical and social leaders, corporations, professionals, NGOs and individuals across the nation.

In this direction, the foundation plans to

  • Identify and enthuse experts and volunteers to be associated with its projects
  • Work with government, other bodies working in similar areas to achieve force multiplier effect
  • Remain focussed on the impact that the projects make on the nation and the society

The Foundation is not affiliated with any particular religion, ethnic group, political party, or any other such group. The common theme that binds us is our unshakeable belief in the values, leadership qualities and causes espoused by Shri AnanthKumar.

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