ChatGPT - Opportunities and Threats

Sunday 14-May-2023 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

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Prof. Sadagopan, Member of Karnataka Knowledge Commission, Chief Minister’s Vision Group on IT, former Director of IIITB, former Prof at IIMB, IITK, IITM
Shri Pratyush Oak, Software Industry Expert, works for MicroSoft on ChatGPT

Till a few months back, none had heard of ChatGPT. Chatting was strictly with friends or on social media. Now, just in a matter of months, everyone knows ChatGPT. Not only knows ChatGPT, but everyone seems to be an expert on ChatGPT and AI and seem to have strong opinions on it.

So, what is this “new animal” called ChatGPT? Why has it taken society by storm? Created such strong and often divided opinions?

Understand ChatGPT and its impact on the society in simple terms from experts.

Our speakers – recognised thought leaders and leading industry experts simplify this fast emerging but often misunderstood technology revolution.


Some things to understand and get right on ChatGPT and broader AI might be:

Is ChatGPT (or similar technology) impacting business, society and day to day life as profoundly as it is talked about?
Is it new or just an evolution?
At the risk of taking a moral position, is it “good” or “bad”?
What are some of the hottest areas it is being used or likely to be used?
What are some of the areas it is not likely to be used?
What are some areas that it may have a negative impact? e.g. dependence, learning, ethical issues, etc.
Does it really take away people’s job? Does it bring the risk of making people redundant eventually?
How do we use it? How do we keep it safe?
Is it inevitable that such technology will become better and better?
What are the opportunities for India? As in building our nation? In our technology or Services sector?
What are the challenges for India with large young highly educated labour force?
Does India already have a policy to deal with emergence of ChatGPT like platforms? Do we need one?
Does India need to build its own AI platform, a la NaviC navigation system?

Panelists at the AKP’s next in the NFD series will bring out some valuable insights into this current topic. Expert practitioners in the field of technology, policy making and influencers come together in this NFD to discuss and answer questions.

This discussion organised by AnanthKumar Pratishthana brings experts/practitioners from relevant and policy making fields on the same platform to share their views and address some of these pointers.

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