From the desk of the Chairman

I have seen my country face many challenges and emerge stronger. British rule, partition, wars, emergency, financial crises, to name just a few. As I look around me, unlike the naysayers, I am filled with optimism and hope for our nation. It is a young, vibrant nation; one filled with energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

I knew AnanthKumar from his student days and saw him grow from strength or strength through his positive energy, hard work and unshakeable belief in certain core beliefs. He showed that to reach the top, one need not come from a big city, elite background  or a rich and powerful family.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could create an ecosystem to create many AnanthKumars? Find a way to channel the energy and nurture that potential among the youth and the aspiring leaders in the society?

That is exactly why I am so excited about AnanthKumar Pratishthan, where we intend to not only create a platform for nurturing and mentoring emerging leadership but also carry out research on  topics of leadership and public policy as relevant to India. We intend to work in other areas of nation building g as well.

I look forward to this journey of creating an institution with an intention to make a positive difference to our society and nation and invite all of you to join hands and strengthen us further…

  • Prof P. V. Krishna Bhat
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