Our purpose

AnanthKumar Pratishthana is guided by the life principles of Late Shri AnanthKumar, our guiding light and spirit, and works to realize his dreams of nation building:

Nurture emerging leaders across all walks of life: create and groom the next set of patriotic, ethical, socially & culturally aware leaders from all walks of life at all levels.

AnanthKumar Pratishthana is setting up AnanthKumar Leadership Development and Public Policy Research Centre(s) as a platform to groom young leaders at multiple levels. This shall be done in collaboration with support from the government and society. The focus will be to inculcate a spirit of service and commitment to the national cause. Leader should think big and global but act local to care for the last person in the line. Vyaktitva, Kartrutva, Netrutva all matter, as Shri AnanthKumar used to say.

The Centre will conduct research in Leadership Development in the field of political, social and cultural life benefiting the nation in general and the youth in particular and nurture and groom the next set of patriotic, ethical, socially & culturally aware leaders from all walks of life including the influencers and decision-makers in the society by way of conducting continuing education programs, workshops and active mentoring.

The Centre will also conduct Training in preparation of policy statements, schemes, government. policies, public administration, Nation-First concepts, Ethical & moral values in society so as to bring out the untapped potential in the youth.

The Centre will also work on conceptualizing the social and welfare programmes, especially for weaker section of the society, women and children.

Green Lifestyle: Care for the environment and environment cares for you: Care for the environment is care for the society and the entire world.

AnanthKumar Pratishthana plans to set up a Centre for Ecology and Green Lifestyle to carry out research and propagate actionable ideas in furthering a more sustainable tomorrow. This Centre plans to work with NGOs and other organisations to take up this cause. “We have but this one planet, mother earth. We must leave behind a better world for our children than what we inherited” was Shri AnanthKumar’s wish.

The Centre for Ecology and Green Lifestyle will work towards protecting and improving the natural environment including forest, lakes, rivers and wildlife. This includes spreading adoption of green lifestyle.

Healthy citizens, healthy nation: a society that is healthy in mind, body and spirit

AnanthKumar Pratishthana plans to work with reputed healthcare organizations to focus on preventive healthcare and research. The plan is to establish, run, adopt, build Holistic health care centres to approach human health in a holistic way and bring all round improvement to the mankind. One of the areas identified in this among others is Cancer Research and Prevention Centre.

Establish inspiration centres

AnanthKumar Pratishthana plans to set up memorials and museums depicting life, values and contributions of Shri AnanthKumar that will act as a role model and inspire others to take up leadership and public service and in general inspire coming generations to strive

towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity in leadership and public service. We also plan to bring out information in the form of books, audio-visual media in this area.

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